Friday, 15 July 2011

Have a change

Today is my day off I took the kids to school, Mrs S was at work the sun was shining so what better to do than go for a nice ride.

I was reading a website the other day giving advice on doing a century ride which suggested going up some hills beforehand. As I have foolishly volunteered for the Manchester 100 in September I set off to find them there hills.
I headed off in a different direction to the way I normally go not quite sure where I was heading to as I don't originate from Warrington I'm more of a Mancunian .

I headed off from Warrington on the road bike to Newton Le Willows then to St Helens and not a bloody hill in sight. Cheshire is flatter than a Witches Tit.......maybe next time I hate hills anyway

I took my I pod with me now I don't normally cycle and listen to music but I do now and then I know the dangers blah blah but I suppose if I was going to get mown down by a waggon thundering over the top of me I would rather not hear it coming.
I don't know what had happened to my ipod though I must have got the play list mixed up with the Mrs's as I usually plod along to REM or Madness.
What did I get today ..... ? a bit of dance so I pumped up the Jam and took the night train made me ride faster anyway.

Another 21 miles in the legs

                                         I took this picture when I got back from my ride just because I think my bike looks good.....

Tomorrow is a short Jaunt out in the morning with my mate Rob who bought the same Hybrid as me about 2 months ago and has so far managed to ride it round his street, so should be fun

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