Sunday, 24 July 2011

Going backwards

My days off have fell quite good at the moment off Saturday Sunday Monday and Tuesday, pretty good for getting out on the bike you may think. However my missis is currently working nights which means I have the kids over the weekend to keep quite so they don't wake her up and as they are off school for the summer holidays I have them Monday and Tuesday too which kind of restricts my cycling over the next few days.
So when my In laws said they were taking them to the Albert Dock in Liverpool a window of opportunity opened up before my eyes and not being one to miss an opportunity off I set
I know a 40 mile route from home out through the Cheshire lanes to Tatton Park and round in a circuit which I have done a couple of times with some mates but this time I thought I would do it backwards.
It was a really good run out and you get a whole different perspective going the other way round and at least 3 times I thought I was completely lost even though I was on the right route and I found my way.
When I got there Tatton park was bunged it was the RHS Flower show but still a good ride out

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