Friday, 30 December 2011

I found my perfect woman

Well folks who knows what awaits us in life and today I had a nice 24 mile ride out in the rain with two mates Rob and Cainy along the Transpennine trail to the Lavender Barn Tea Rooms at Dunham Massey for Brunch where a decent bacon butty was consumed.
I don't think at any point we went much above 12 mph and we had a good ride and talked shite ( as usual ) and put some wrongs right..... In our heads anyway

But just after we had our bacon butties we came outside to get back on our trusty steeds and there she was my perfect woman I don't think I can go wrong with this one but knowing my luck ha ha .......!!!!!!!

Heres Cainy trying to muscle in on the action bleedin typical you cant have anything

It was cold and wet but I enjoyed today I think talking shite is what I'm best at

Rob and Cainy on the damp trail

Thursday, 29 December 2011


Well 2011 has not been one of my best years and one I would like to forget altogether.
During 2011 I have

1 Cycled 2867 miles compared to last years 2163 that's an increase of 704 miles not bad
2 Gone from 16st 7 lbs (231lbs) to I am currently at 15st 3 lbs ( 213lbs) I know I have been eating crap but    that's a loss of 18lbs.
3 Sold my first proper bike my Felt Road bike and bought my hybrid my Whyte
4 Split with my wife and am now living in an apartment.

2011 certainly hasn't gone as planned !!!!!

Well what for 2012 ?
As D:ream once said "THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER"

In 2012 I intend to
1 Cycle at least 4000 miles

2 lose more than 2 stone and get to 13 stone ( 182lbs ) by 1st December 2012

3 Use my bike a lot more for local trips instead of the car

4 Go on a bike holiday, me and my mates have already discussed either doing the coast to coast in the UK or possibly a few days in France both will include cycling and alcohol

5 Cycle a 100 miles in a day I would of done it this year in September but life got in the way

6 And finally in this list anyway I need to get a life, stop feeling sorry for myself move on put this shit 2011 behind me get out make some more new friends and live life as I should do.

So to all my readers

               HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR 2012 
At least  Stanley Baxter isn't on the telly anymore 

Friday, 23 December 2011

Noddy he got straight to the point

No not the fictional children.s character Noddy but the great man himself Noddy Holder he said it in two words

" IT'S CHRI.............." No sorry I cant do it to you,  your probably already fed up of listening to this one in every shop you have been in for the last 2 months .

But there is no denying it tomorrow is Christmas Eve the big man will probably already loading up his sleigh as I type.

So I shall wish you all wherever you are a happy Christmas and good luck in 2012, thanks for all who read my blog whoever and wherever you are, thanks for all your comments I do appreciate them.

I will do a post in between Christmas and new year with a round up of the year and what my goals are for 2012

But till then have a good one see you next year ( or next week as it is )

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

More get up and hang on. than get up and go

Well this morning after my Chicken Madras and beer the bedroom smelt lovely but that's enough over sharing !

My plan for today was to get out and about early (ish) on and do a few errands on my bike as I read somewhere that exercise is good for stress. However this morning my ex missus rang with a list of presents she hadn't managed to get the kids for xmas and could I go get them !!!. This meant driving so I used the car and did my errands at the same time.

When I got back around lunchtime I washed my Whyte as it had stood filthy from the last time I rode it. I am usually good at cleaning my bikes not to the state of being anal about them but I like them clean. However living in a flat means I don't have a garden or hosepipe on hand any more or even a bucket and sponge till I bought one the other day. So today the Whyte got a long awaited brush and clean up.
I also like clean chains as clean chains work better and save you money, the chain cleaner I have is about 3 yrs old and has seen better days so I took myself off this afternoon on my Giant to the new Decathlon store that has opened in Warrington and purchased myself a new chain cleaner.

Judging by the lack of bikes in the bike stand either Warrington cyclists aren't yet aware its there or are apart from me all fair weather cyclists

Or they just don't like Decathlon.

The new purchase

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Off Sick ! Me ?

Recently I have not been riding my bike much I have not been eating right and I have not been losing weight.
I have moved house split with my wife and have been feeling pretty low so much so that on Friday when I was in work I had somewhat of a wobbler and came home saying stuff it all bollox to everything and everyone.

I have been to see the Doctor today and he has signed me off on the sick till the middle of January and given me a sick note. I am not quite sure what to do with a sick note as having nearly reached the age of 48 yrs I have never had one before, but I'm sure I will figure it out.

I feel over the past few months all I have done is feel pissed off and complained which trust me is not like me at all.I am usually pretty much happy go lucky and normally a pretty cheerful kind of chap ( maybe I will put that on ha ha )

During this enforced time off work I am going to evaluate my life and I think try and give myself a huge big kick up the Arse that I need to get myself going again.

But that is starting tomorrow because tonight I have a Chicken Madras with extra Chilli and of interest to fellow blogger David  I have some beer to drink


Friday, 16 December 2011

When will this weather change ?

It seems forever now we have had nothing but rain and hailstone wind and more hailstone.

I am on a 6pm 3 am shift tonight ( whoopee ) and the pictures below taken today show why I will be driving and not cycling. roll on summer

And Its still coming down all wet and horrible

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Not me but fellow blogger Clive who got the great news that he has been made redundant. If anyone can give him a job or knows anyone who can please contact him.

here is a link to his blog

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Out of sync

Yep but my bike isn't out of Sync I am.

 My new life (ha) is taking me some getting used to that with Christmas nearly on top of us I don't know half the time whether I'm coming or going. Work is busy and we are moving office to two miles down the road in Cheadle and they want us out of the old one before Christmas which aint going to happen. My days seems to be spent getting up at stupid o clock and either getting the train to work and cycling home or driving and cycling getting back home around 7 pm then its off to see the kids before they go to bed then back home tidy up have a shower then have some tea and before I know it its 10.30 pm off to bed to do it all again tomorrow.

My weight isn't coming down and its what and when I am eating so I have decided to keep a check on it try and keep it around where I am and in the new year hopefully I can get in more of a routine and take it from there. I am still trying to watch what I eat I am still cycling but with festivities kicking in the alcohol intake has gone up with works Christmas doo's etc and food is being eaten at the wrong times and the wrong type of food             I have a simple equation       BEER = EAT PIZZA.............OR CURRY.........OR CHOCOLATE.

And to top it all I have a cold in fact MAN FLU I think.

Anyway I have bought myself a new Light Its a Chinese copy of a magishine and bloody hell is it bright. Its ace on the trail and lights it up a treat I can actually see where I am going now but I did have 2 complaints off cyclists heading towards me I heard something along the lines of " that fucking light off you twat" or word to that effect so I will have to dim it when I see another light approaching it's not usually a problem around midnight 1 am but apparently it is around 6 pm ???

Anyway a good 28 miles commute today and two days off now I am having a lie in tomorrow ( hopefully)

Here are a couple of pictures of my light

You press a button on the back

And you get this brilliant !

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Nutters there everywhere

Well I drove on Tuesday but Wednesday I got the train in and cycled home.

Why is it whenever I get on public transport there is always some nutter who singles me out ? Is it the way I look  ? is there some sort of telepathic mind wave that makes them home in on me ?

I got the train from Sankey and as soon as I got on the train and asked this chap to just watch his back so I could put my bike in the rack I could see the instant relief on all the other passengers faces ah you could see them thinking here's someone new and hes got lycra pants on too.

As I sat down I was then treated to the nutter singing and dancing for me whilst he was wearing headphones so only he could hear his music , at least that was one blessing.

Fortunately the journey to Warrington is not a long one about 5 minutes so whilst he danced for me and sung to me we also had a chat about life in general and how miserable the other passengers were........... At least he was a friendly nutter.

When your on your bike you can avoid nutters or just listen as they shout something hilarious ( in their tiny minds) at you but on a train you are a captive audience, maybe they just live on trains ? and never get off, who knows.
Pre Nutter !

Anyway the cycle home was good taking about an hour and three quarters and as it was late at night I had a few tunes on my I-Pod a pleasant way to get home.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It definitely is winter now and I am not alone

Yesterday I was going to catch the train to work and cycle home, however the weather was awful so having in mind if it was bad when I finished at midnight I would have 24 miles of cycling in inclement weather when all I wanted to do was get home I drove to Lymm and cycled from there which is 14.5 miles each way along the trail and road.

The ride in was fine apart from the rain and I even got some sun at one point, but the trail was wet and I got to work looking like some bog monster absolutely covered head to toe in mud. I kept my eye on the weather all day and all it did was get worse.

Having rinsed my bike off at work I decided the trip back I would do by road so I wasn't covered in mud again. The road trip is 16.5 miles and I can only describe this as the worst 16.5 miles I have spent on my bike. When I set off it was windy and damp but not raining and I thought I would get away with it but Oh No not a chance Just before Altrincham the rain came and came and came Its about here I hit some country lanes in the dark that's when the hailstone started and I mean hailstone it absolutely threw it at me, It was stinging my face like a bastard, It was that heavy I couldn't see where I was going and had to hold one hand up above my eyes to make a sort of peak to try and have some vision to try and see where I was going. There was absolutely nowhere to get any cover so I just had to press on riding in the middle of the road as the edges were just massive puddles , the ground was covered in slush and I didn't feel safe riding in that deluge with only one hand on my bars in the dark.
But it eased eventually after about 10 minutes of being full on and it actually stopped for a bit I was feeling pretty pissed off fortunately there was nothing else on the road to hinder me and I was just getting to Lymm thinking why me, why am I the only person out in this shit weather getting soaked to the skin,cold and wet when from around a corner I saw a blinking white light, YEP it was another mad cyclist looking as pissed off as I was.

Here I am the following morning typing this and as I look outside everything is white from more hailstone. I think I will drive today I am stupid at times but not that stupid.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saturday weigh in

This week has seen a static on the weight front which after this week will do. at least I haven't put anything on and am the same weight as last week.

Now I have the cycling back up and going I need to focus on what goes in my gob and cut out the booze to once a week.

I have a busy weekend ahead I am picking up my boys in a bit and we are off to football, Joe has a cup match today and as I sit and type I can hear the rain lashing the window so I am looking forward to standing in the rain and wind for an hour or so ha ha. Then its off to my mum and dads with the kids for a bit, hopefully going swimming with the boys this afternoon and they are staying over tonight so we are having home made pizza and they are putting up the Christmas tree for me !
Then tomorrow is Billy's Christmas football party. So a busy weekend

Good job I haven't got a dog

Friday, 2 December 2011

It is winter..... Isn't it ?

This week I have worked Wednesday to Friday I know such a long week I hear you say how do I cope !
I commuted with my bike Wednesday and Friday Thursday I had to use the car due to having to shift some gear.
However on my bike commute I got the train from Warrington to Stockport and cycled home.( about 24 miles)

I have done this in the past but some time ago, as I stood at Warrington central on Wednesday waiting for the 0638 hrs to Piccadilly I was glad I had my long (yes lycra) cycling pants on two top layers and my altura night vision jacket on, my winter boots and gloves I was just thinking how effin cold I was and that winter had set in good and proper now, when onto the platform comes some guy pushing an old Diamond back mountain bike wearing Lycra shorts and a very thin cycling T shirt !!!!!! He must be new to cycling, this must be his very first day I bet he wont make that mistake again, but then again today he was there again in the same get up, maybe its just me with thin blood or something, he must be mad..

Anyway I have picked up the mileage again this week and I'm glad to be back on my bike, however I don't think I have got back into the groove this week with the weight loss yet as everyone keeps taking me out for a pint cos I'm a sad lonely bachelor I have never been to the pub so often in all my life. So I'm not too hopeful this week for a weight loss but I will get there and get myself back on track

Monday, 28 November 2011

My new life Style

I have been off work on leave since moving in my new flat but have been too busy to do much cycling. Life is pretty different for me now.
For one I now have to watch my money a bit more closely as I don't have anyone else s wage to fall back on so I have to budget which I suppose is not a bad thing and I have to live within  my means.
So I have decided with petrol being at around 6 quid a gallon all those short journeys around home will now be done by bike all those trips to the supermarket will be done by bike and anything else of the like will be done by bike, I still need the car to ferry the kids around I'm not ready yet for a car free existence especially working shifts and around 30 miles away from work I need that option, Its sometimes impossible to do without the car but one day hopefully.
With this in mind I needed a lock for my bike as its something I don't posses as I usually only commute by bike I don't need one as I have secure parking for it at work. So in my new lifestyle way I set off to get a lock from my LBS in Widnes and yep I went on my bike.
Transpennine trail with the river Mersey behind the fence
The trip to Widnes by road is along a busy fast road so I opted to travel along the transpennine trail and it was good to have the birds flying past my head and see the wildlife along the canal even though it did stink a bit ha ha.

Once in Widnes I got to within about 300 yards of the LBS when my steering felt funny I got off the bike to find the front tyre had gone flat. I was on my Giant and haven't ridden it for a while I pushed it to the LBS purchased a D Lock and got the owner to pump up my tyre with his airline and I also purchased a spare inner tube just in case as I couldn't see anything obvious as to why it had gone down.
Whilst in Widnes I shopped for a few bits leaving my bike secure with my new lock but when I got back the tyre was flat again, so I fixed the puncture and on doing so noticed a tear in the tyre maybe it was that that caused it I  don't know.
I came back the same way all in all saving 13 miles of driving, maybe its time for new tyre's on the Giant..... better check the budget first.

A quick pit stop before returning home

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saturday weigh in

Well It's six weeks since I last stepped on the scales and I weighed then 14st 7 5/8 lbs I now weigh 14 st 10 7/8 lbs so in six weeks I have put on just over 3lbs which to be honest aint that bad.
At least I didn't get back to being over 15 stone and I have still lost 24.1 lbs since June this year

Here's to a week of cycling and eating right again at last

Friday, 25 November 2011

I got myself a Dongle !

Well folks its official I'm back, I got myself a Dongle today ( which impresses the hell out of me cos last week I didn't know what one was) and here I am back on the Internet. Although my new place has a phone line I'm not getting a land line as I don't know how long I will be here for.One thing I have learnt over this summer is you never know whats around the next corner.

My new flat is OK, It's pretty comfortable and in a nice area but It's not where I wanted to be but I'm here so will just have to get on with it and make the best of it.

I have been so busy since moving in on Wednesday I thought I had just my TV and duvet to move, I didn't realise I needed so much stuff so have been busy getting everything and spending a fortune in the process.

Last night I got a bit fed up of watching TV so went out in the dark for a nice 10 mile bike ride around the area which is something I suppose I can do more often now , It was good.

The past few weeks have seen my diet and exercise regime go out the window I haven't been able to sort my own food out other than buy from butty shops and chippys and my Mum god bless her has been force feeding me when I have been there, and I have never been in the same place as my bike when I woke up making cycling to work or cycling anywhere a bit of a problem.
I haven't been near the scales since my last weigh in and god knows what I weigh BUT no more excuses tomorrow I will weigh in, I have my old scales from home so they will give a true reading of what the damage is. From then on it will back to it on my weight loss journey.

Watch this space.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

busy busy

Quick post I have moved in my new apartment, not on tinternet yet but will be soon .

Loads to sort out !!!!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Quick update

Did the 29 mile commute yesterday and with a few miles in the evening finished the day on 32 miles not too shabby. I popped out yesterday evening and it was nice to cycle round in the dark at a leisurely pace normally I am going back and to to work so keep a decent speed up, it made a nice change.

No cycling today as I have to get back for the kids football training tonight and none tomorrow as I am off to a gig tomorrow night with my brother to see Jesse Malin at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester.

Wednesday I get my apartment so will be busy.

I shall update more on things next week

Saturday, 19 November 2011

parents bless em !

I finished yesterday on 22 miles cycled and enjoyed all 22 of them. I got back to my Mum and Dads house around 9 pm , when I went in it was warm enough to melt the polar ice cap, why is it the elderly have the house so effin hot ?

My parents were watching children in need I got my kit sorted for the next morning and sat down with them for a bit Susan Boyle was singing and to be honest it was bloody awful so the conversation went like this

MUM:    Do you want anything to eat some cake perhaps
ME:        No thanks, bloody hell she's awful
MUM:    It is yes
Then my Dad comes in
DAD :    Why don't they tell us how much the total is
MUM:    They just have
DAD:      How much is it
MUM:     Cant remember
DAD       Bloody hell she's awful
Then all goes quite as my mum hits the mute button
We then sit there while Susan finishes off, then sit in silence as the next thing comes on
ME:        I think you hit the mute button mum
MUM:    I did yes
ME:        Are you going to put the sound on then ?
DAD:      They should say what the total is
MUM:     They have are you sure you don't want anything to eat
ME:         I'm fine thanks
Then my mum puts the sound back on
DAD:     I cant hear that
MUM:    I know you can't, I can
DAD:     Turn it up then
By this time the coalition are singing

MUM & DAD TOGETHER:  Bloody hell that's awful

I retired to my sofa bed ----------------- I need to move

Up today at 0445 hrs with a lovely 29 mile commute

Roll on the 23rd .

I do love em though

Friday, 18 November 2011

I rode my bike today !!!!

Today after seems what has been an eternity I got on my bike and went for a ride, I went nowhere imparticular but it was great to just go.

So What's been happening ?

Well its pretty safe to say folks I have had a pretty shit past few months and would never want to go through anything like that again, I have no doubt I have a few pretty shit days coming too but hopefully they will get less as times goes by. What has happened is that me and my wife have separated, I am absolutely gutted and never wanted it to happen but it has. I am not going into the ins and outs of it on here as its too bloody long winded, probably too boring for others and above all its personal, but I am so sad things have turned out this way but It's beyond my control.
Yesterday I signed the lease on an apartment nearby and that is where I shall be living for the foreseeable future.
Over the past few weeks I have been living at my parents house and friends houses and have been a bit transient and I'm bleedin fed up of it, I move in my apartment on the 23rd November.
So recently cycling and weight loss have been on the back boiler, that and my mum force feeding me cake at every opportunity has not really been conducive to weight loss.
I think I have put a few pounds on but tomorrow I am commutting to work and cant wait ( not the going to work bit but the commutte).

My focus now has to be looking after my two boys and making sure they are alright and looking after myself. It sound's bad but I have been here before as this is my second marriage ( and definitely my last) but I am determined not to get too down about it I have to stay positive and move on as they say, Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

So as the festive season approaches at an alarming rate of knots as you sit down to your Xmas dinner with all the trimmings you can think of me with a chicken leg watching the Samaritans number flash across the screen, knowing my luck my phone will break as I try to phone it ............. Or I will get an ansaphone ....... "please leave your message after the tone". Ha Ha.... Its not that bad folks I have the boys for Xmas and will make the best of it and my eldest two kids are coming over so It should be OK.

Anyway that's all for now, Once I move and get back on the internet properly hopefully sometime next week I shall continue this journey to the end if nothing else it will give me something to do

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Lack of posts

I'm still here folks but you may of noticed my lack of posts recently.

That is because life at the moment is just too manic, I have so much going on and through my head that something has to give and I have so much I need to sort out.
For that reason I shall not be posting for the time being

I will be back in about 3 or 4 weeks when things have come to a head and certain things are sorted in life, and I will tell you whats been going on.

I will still be peddling and trying to keep my weight loss going , my weight this week was static which is pretty good considering

So see you all sometime early November

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday weigh in

I stepped on the scales today and weigh 14st 7 5/8 lbs (203.7lbs) a measly 0.3 lbs loss this week however a loss is a loss, and I haven't put weight on

My weight loss seems to be slowing down a bit, but it might be that my life is just so hectic at the moment that I am losing focus on eating right.
Just 51 miles cycled this week not good

I must try and focus this coming week and get to that 2 stone lost barrier , and hopefully past it.
I am on 2 am finishes this weekend and am struggling to motivate myself to cycle

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


After almost two weeks of no cycling I was really keen to get back on my bike today, I was on Earlie's this morning, It seems an eternity since I have had to do an early shift. But this morning was somehow different I got up and having purchased myself a new bike a Colnago CF4 I set off for work. The weather was fine but a bit windy and YES it was a tail wind, I was absolutely flying on my new bike as I headed in what a difference it made, and do you know what on the way in I didn't have a single red light making it to work in super fast time.
I walked straight into my bosses office and slapped my resignation on his desk you should of seen his face.



Never mind one can dream.
I did the 23 mile commute today on the Giant breaking myself back in gently after time off cycling. It was dry and I did have a tail wind, but the way back tonight was wet and with a headwind BUT. I can honestly say I really enjoyed my cycling today here's to plenty more

Obligatory picture of bike against a fence

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Saturday weigh in ( and other shit )

Stepped on the scales this morning weighing 14st 8 lbs (204 lbs) that's 1.75 lbs down on last week and a 27 lb loss since I started only 1 lb to go till I have lost 2 stone !!!

Cycling and Eating

Cycling this week has been a total miles of Zero not a one which is not good. Eating this week has been a mixture of eating right, eating wrong eating too much and sometimes just not eating at all, all this mixed with stress is why I am currently losing weight I think.

Back in Early September I said that life had dealt me a bit of a low baller I wasn't expecting and this week that low baller has come to a crossroad, and the picture below describes how I feel

However a path has been chosen but it not the one I wanted but I don't have any control over it and don't want to go down it but I have no choice, however I am trying to take a positive from this as I at least now have a direction whereas before I didn't. At least now I can work towards where life is taking me and make the best of it.
Sorry if this all sounds clandestine but in a few weeks I know I get to another crossroads and I will let you know what the fuck I am on about then.

I am off work now till Monday but cant cycle then due to childcare reasons so come Tuesday I shall be back commuting on my bike and trying to eat proper (but not too much) and trying to get this weight loss back on track with losing weight as I should as apposed to losing it through stress.

Sometimes life sucks

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Still here

Im still here folks just working some ridiculous shifts in Manchester City Centre so just too busy at the moment to post.

Hopefully back to normal life as normal as my life is tomorrow

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday weigh in

Very busy today so a quick one

weighed in today at 14st 9 3/4 lbs (205.75 lbs)

That's 0.75 lbs down on last week.

As they said on Are you being served "Going down"

Will try and post summat later with further stats

I'm pleased

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ah cycling bliss

After yesterdays train journey on the 0823 hrs cattle waggon from Penketh to Manchester Oxford Road where I sat with one butt cheek on a seat facing some suit on a laptop, a bloke on a kindle a lad on his I- phone on the next table was another suit on a laptop whilst texting on his mobile a bloke with an mp3 player and another knob who made 6 phone calls on the 30 minute journey and spoke loud enough so the whole carriage could hear him..... Today was bliss

A leisurely 27 mile bike ride in glorious sunshine with Dave my next door neighbour who has just bought a bike after retiring (lucky sod) and Tony , we headed off along the trans pennine trail and made our way to Red House Farm tea rooms where a very nice sausage and egg barm was consumed before riding back.
I am used to riding with Tony but not with Dave who is just getting into cycling really and on the way he ended up catching his handlebars on my leg he came off his bike, luckily no injury other than a bruised elbow but I don't suppose you are a proper cyclist untill you have come off once or twice.

Me and Dave

Me and Tony

My diet at the moment is not good I'm either eating too much or nowhere near enough in a day as life is still on its head and I need to get a grip of it.
But I suppose this journey has both ups and downs and I think, no I know I am currently on a down but I will sort it

A good day today they it was good to get back on the bike

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It's doing me swede in

As previously mentioned I have to work in Manchester city centre this week and in all honesty its doing me head in. 0823hrs train ( sorry cattle waggon ) then herded back again, no seats. too expensive and there is some right smelly bastards on them, and the country wonders why the public transport system is failing.
AND to top it all the weather is bloody gorgeous !!!!!!!!!! and I cant get to ride my bike, commuting by bike is so much better than sitting on a train or in a traffic jam.
Hopefully by tomorrow my work there shall be done and I am having Thursday and Friday off..... Yippee and I shall be heading somewhere on my bike with my shorts back on if the weather keeps up.

There are some funky bikes in town though, where would you buy a bike like this from ?????????

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Had a trip to The lavender barn tea rooms today with Tony and Rob a couple of mates, all in all an enjoyable morning ride clocking up a nice steady 28 miles there and back.
Weather was a bit damp but not too bad and we avoided most of the rain whilst we sat and eat our cheese and bacon toasties.

A well deserved cheese and bacon toastie

I also fitted my whyte with a Zefal Swan Mudguard which did a reasonable job of keeping my fat arse dry.
Sorry about the crap picture

You can just about make it out

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday weigh in and stress !

Well folks the weight is now going in the right direction and this morning I weighed in at 14 st 10 1/2 lbs
(206.5lbs) that's 2.9 lbs down from last week.

Life at the moment though is very stressful and I think some of that weight loss is down to stress, my diet at the moment is not good and I'm probably not eating enough !, but that's another story.

The cycling has been very on and off this week and it's another crap week for mileage probably about 50.
Next week wont be any better as I have to work in Manchester city centre and carry some kit with me every day so it will be the train for me all week, I will try and get a day off in the week if not I'm down for 9 days in a row from Monday Whoopeee.

Tomorrow weather permitting I'm out with a couple of mates for a 25 miler in the morning to the Lavender barn tea rooms and back for a breakfast ride so that should be good.

Sorry about the lack of posts but life is a bit on it's head at the moment

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My wish came true

Yup, this morning it was dark and raining !

Did the 23 mile commute today.
It's funny what you see while riding . As I trundled in this morning (I always tend to trundle to work) as I passed a junction some bloke appeared riding some sort of electric bike and a full face BMX helmet, It didn't look like a pushbike and it didn't look like a moped I think he had made it himself ! he pulled out right behind me as I passed but try as he might he couldn't get past me I could hear his little electric motor whizzing away behind me he looked like one of the Chuckle Brothers on Crack !!!!!! I bet he doesn't get the piss taken out of him off his workmates when he arrives.
Then further down the road I came up behind a tracksuit wearing chap with no lights on smoking a fag while riding his full suspension £40 mountain bike. mind you it did smell good as I cycled past ( eh eh steady on)

Food good again today

Monday, 19 September 2011

Puddle Hunting

When I left for work this morning it was neither raining or dark Humph !!!!!!

Seldom do I wish for this but wanted to test my new mudguards and reflective stripes out......... Never mind I had to be content with hunting for puddles to ride through left over from the rain last night.
The ones I found tested the mudguards out and I can confirm they appear to work, well there still attached to the bike anyway which is a miracle in itself with my mechanical prowess.

Did the 23 mile commute today and all was well apart from nearly being carted by a Doris turning right at a no right turn.... such is life

Food management good today also

Here's me on Cheadle high street this morning

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Having fitted mudguards on my Giant in readiness for winter commuting I decided to brighten up it stealthy looks, after all when commuting it's always good to be seen by motorists especially on those dark winter mornings and nights.

After a short trawl on Ebay I spent the grand sum of £1.65 with free postage for some reflective stickers, here are the results

New stickers in daylight

New stickers in dark

Here's hoping Monday morning is both raining and dark

Saturday weigh in

I have just re-read my post last week for my weigh in and it appears I made a mistake I put my weight as 14st 1 1/8 lbs I WISH.
It should of read 14st 13 1/8lbs I dropped 10 lbs by the type of the keyboard, If only it were that easy.

Anyway what has this week brought......... Well for the first time I started this blog I have not lost weight.
Not only have I not lost weight I have put weight on this week !!!!!!!!!!

On the scales this morning my weight was 14st 13 3/8 lbs (209.4 lbs)

Yes I have put on 2/8 lbs or 0.2 lbs

After this week I will take that as a positive
I am still under 15 stone, 2/8 lbs is nothing , as Peter Kay said about Slimming World " A pound whats a pound I shit a pound".

Most importantly this week I'm still off the fags,  hence the food has been somewhat on and off this week but only a tiny bit of damage has been done.
Roll on next week

Friday, 16 September 2011

Busy Busy Busy

But no bike riding, My Missis  went to London yesterday, She used to work down there and has gone to see some old workmates, so I have been on school run duties and as yesterday was payday shopping as the cupboards are bare, so I have no time for a ride even though I'm still off on holiday.

However my mudguards arrived yesterday from Amazon so I had half an hour spare before picking the kids up from school so I managed to fit them.They were a bit fiddly and I had to improvise with another bracket on the front and put longer bolts in than the ones they had sent.

Here is the result...... looks OK I think I just need some rain now to test them

Today is take the kids to school, take my Mum and Dad to Manchester Airport, Get my hair cut, pick up kids and then swimming lessons and tea ! so unlikely I will ride today too.

PS. Day 3 today of no cigarettes I'm starting to feel more positive, food management crap though but I'm focusing on getting off the weed this week.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A confession

On 13th November 2009 I gave up smoking and it was probably the best thing I ever did, You see I know exactly how bad cigarettes are for you and if you do anything in life for your health it's "DON'T SMOKE".
In my opinion you are better being overweight and a non smoker rather than being thin and a smoker.

I haven't really put weight on since I stopped probably a bit but that is just down to me being a greedy bastard and loving my Curry, wine, beer, chocolate, pies, chips, cakes and sweets etc etc etc.

When I smoked I smoked between 20 and 30 a day depending how long my day was , I am not one of those so called "social smokers" who only smoke when they have a drink or smoke two fags on a weekend then none till next week I was always an all or nothing smoker.

Well over the past couple of weeks life has gone a bit Pete Tong and what did I reach for, yep you guessed it the trusty Benson & Hedges.....AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH.

I am so really really really angry with myself that I did it but I did

Well folks today is day 2 of no cigarettes I cannot and will not smoke anymore, apart from the health benefits of not smoking I can't bleedin afford to.

I am sharing this on here to give me a focus as this blog has done with my weight loss.
So sorry If I have rambled on a bit and bored you, but its also here for me to re-read should times have me thinking about the dreaded weed

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Another wet and windy one

I'm off work on holiday till Monday now so rather sit on my large posterior I decided to try and keep up with the peddling while I'm off, so Today I headed out to the trans pennine trail and went the opposite way I normally go towards  Spike Island which has such a pleasant description on Wikipedia (not) and onto the Runcorn Bridge.

As usual the wind was in my face and it was very showery but I pressed on along the canal path knowing it would be an easier ride back.

The Runcorn Bridge

I headed back past this odd looking structure I have absolutely no idea what it is, it looks like a collection of stolen hubcaps from Liverpool all thrown together on a giant stick

Art ???

17 miles in total today.
I'm not too sure what will happen this week with the weight although I have been riding I know I haven't been as disciplined on the food front this week but we shall see what Saturday brings.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

First commute on the Giant

Today is my only day in work this week, I have booked some time off but couldn't get out of a meeting today in Bury so had to work, I didn't have to be in till 10 am so I did the 29 mile route wanting to give the Giant a good go at commuting and I must say it went well.
It was an absolutely glorious morning with the sun shining and it was quite warm.
I even managed 26 mph on my best descent of the commute which is about what I get on my Whyte and when I looked at my computer whilst riding on the flat I was bobbing along at about 19 mph........ Pretty good.

I drove to Bury home of the delicious Black Pudding for my meeting and when I came out of the building to drive back to sunny Stockport, it was raining sideways !!!!

It was torrential !!!

Back at sunny Stockport the weather was fine again ??

The journey home though was tough the wind had picked up and I was blown all over but there you go.
I have decided to take David's advice though as my Giant is smaller and has 26 inch wheels as apposed to 700c its easier to fit in the car , So I have ordered some full mudguards for those winter commutes. I shall update you when they arrive and I "try" to fit them.

Monday, 12 September 2011

6th Birthday

The boy Bill likes his new bike

16 miles to nowhere

I got out this morning on my new steed to give it a bit of a test run.
I was out for an hour and 45 mins and had a right good tootle round and went no place imparticular, and only clocked up 16 miles in that time but I don't care it was good to get out and just chill for a bit.
I took my deaf pod and had a few tunes too as I knew that most of my riding was going to be done off road.
I had a ride down Sankey Valley park which runs along the canal.

Sankey valley park

I made my way over to where the M62 crosses over this is miles from the canal but there is an old dry dock here so I presume at some time the canal must of come this far

Dry Dock
From here I doubled back on myself so I didn't have to go back on the road and made my way over past where I had come from and made my way over to the Transpennine trail and followed this for a bit till it reached the river Mersey

The river Mersey looking a bit choppy today

The transpennine trail

I even stopped for a bit of contemplation

Me contemplating (didn't take long)

Then back on my new steed

The Giant
Well the bike was good, It definitely is different to the whyte and feels more like a mountain bike and can be thrown around a bit more but it is still pretty nippy with 38 mm slick tyres on.
Now I know I am not the fastest rider in the world and will never ever be so, but I can put on a bit of speed if I have to, but some cyclist are just so slow and get in your way.
In the 16 miles I did I got stuck behind this cyclist for the last 7 miles and no matter what I did I just couldn't overtake her and had to stay behind her (until she rang the police)

PS. Happy Birthday Billy

Sunday, 11 September 2011

I almost felt patriotic yesterday

Absolutely nothing weight or cycle related

But yesterday I almost felt patriotic

England won their opening match in the Rugby world cup. ( even though I live in Warrington and we have Warrington Wolves who I know are rugby league I don't know the rules of either league or union but I do like watching it)

Then last night I caught the end of Last night at the proms on Telly. Again I'm no classical music buff but watching the proms in HD with the surround sound on playing Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and God Save the Queen was good, although I think I missed them playing Land Of Hope and Glory which in my opinion is the best one..

It was good to see so many Union jacks and St George cross flags flying

I almost stood up at one point.

Anyway that's enough of me being patriotic till next year

Normal blogging will resume tomorrow

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pictures of the new bike

A short update on the new bike

I gave it a good clean, adjusted the handlebars and headset, as it had been in a crash they must of had a whack and were soon adjusted straight, I set the saddle for me, tightened up all that was loose, As I previously mentioned the front brake needed looking at so I was going to take it to the LBS, but thought I would have a look first not that I know anything about disc brakes my reckoning was that if I buggered it up it was going to the LBS anyway, I took the pads out gave them a clean, couldnt see anything else wrong so put it back together and hey presto it works fine now.
I cleaned and lubed the chain and anything that needed lubing, put on my lights and computer and gave it a spin around the block.
All seems well but I shall give it a proper test ride on Monday when the kids have gone to school

Heres some Piccy's as promised

After a good clean

Cleaned and lubed chain

This is probably the worst of the scratches

Fitted the lights and computer

Tucked up in bed with the Whyte awaiting its first outing

Now then what was next on the agenda for today

Ah yes