Thursday, 7 May 2015

New bike

I visited Bicycle doctor in Rusholme Manchester the other day as I have had my eye on a bike for some time now and have always wanted one. I just called in for a look as you do. Guess what 10 minutes in the shop and I hear myself muttering the words " yep I will have it " I've not got it yet as I get my bikes through the bike to work scheme . But when I get it all will be revealed. Whoooohooooo.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The GT rides again

I resurrected the road bike today after fitting it with some new boots a pair of schwalbe marathon plus  tyres, in my opinion the best commuting tyres going. I parked my car today in Altrincham and cycled into work from there with a colleague the 8.5 miles to work. It was a nice ride in but we got a right soaking on the way back and I did feel a bit smug when my colleague punctured riding home. It was lovely changing the wheel in the rain though ...........not.

My GT in the works bike store

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Let there be light

I bought myself a new light. My decent bright light ( read cheap Chinese copy ) has decided it is not coming out of retirement and has given up the ghost. I need a decent light as some of my commute home when I build up to cycling all the way will be done sometimes in the dark along either unlit country lanes or an unlit transpennine trail. So I have purchased a Moon XP 330 front light for 50 Great British Pounds. From first impressions it looks pretty good and is USB rechargeable. I haven't used it in the dark yet but shall let you all know how it fares.

Moon XP 330

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Gatley Bikefest

I passed by and called into Gatley bikefest today. Gatley is near Stockport and had a chat with the owners of these two bikes. Different ends of the spectrum but both interesting.

Penny farthing

You don't see many of these things around, the owner said it was nickel coated and from the 1800's with a solid front tyre. The one below is also a rare species in these parts too.

A Surley big dummy

Both cool bikes, it was a good afternoon dodging the rain.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Back in the saddle !!!!

If anyone is still reading this I'm back on my bike..

Just over two years ago I stopped riding my bike,s I kinda lost my nerve, I fell off my bike one night riding home nobody's fault but mine and ended up breaking my ribs, that coupled with not being in the best place in my life at the time I sort of gave up on things. However I'm glad to say I'm in a much better place and life is good.

I have started to ride my bikes again and am thoroughly enjoying it. I have done a few commutes to work ( hard work indeed ) and a few pootles around where I live.

I probably won't be blogging as much as before but I will try to publish something every so often, if anyone out there is interested if not I will just read it back from time to time.

Here's a few piccies of my 11 mile jaunt yesterday in the sunshine

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Why I cycle

I got my spoke fixed yesterday so rode my GT road bike to work today.

At 6.30 am I set off from where I park my car near to the Lymm hotel and started up the sharp hill that goes for about 200 yards I had a nice steady climb and had anyone been watching me they probably would of thought I was Bradley Wiggins on the ascent of the Tourmalet, what goes up must come down and at the top there is a 200 yard descent where I just touched 24 mph the weather was a touch damp but not raining a nice autumnal morning with a few leaves on the ground.

I carried on along towards Trafford and pass over a small roundabout which drops down and you can maintain the speed along the road which at this point is a lovely buttery smooth surface, I shot along the flat at around 22 mph as a car waited at a junction for me I could see he was impressed by the speed and agility I was displaying..

From here I hit the quite country lanes for a few miles and the day was just waking up and getting a little bit lighter and you could hear the birds beginning to chirp and things rustling in hedgerows as you pass by, bidding good morning to another cyclist heading the other way I carried on.

From here I head through Altrincham and over the level crossing at Navigation Road train station where the barrier was down but gave me a chance for a breather and drinkas the tram passed then on into Timperley and Bagley.

Then it was under the M56 and around the roundabout with a distinct smell of diesel and a lovely rainbow trail all the way around, here I am an urban commuter staying upright on the slippery surface.

As I come off this roundabout there is a slight rise in the road where I usually feel the lactic in my legs so I ease off here for a few pedals but oh no not today for there it is in the distance......... The rear red blinking flash of another cyclist, I push on now I am Mark Cavendish sprinting to beat my opponent and beat him I do, It doesn't matter that he is an old bloke on a mountain bike with panniers on, what matters is that I won.

From here I get stuck at 3 sets of traffic lights but chance for another drink, I drop down the hill to Gatley nearly at work when I see red tail light number 2 ahead in the distance Cavendish takes over and target number 2 is soon dispensed with, what makes me laugh though is it was the same bloke who must of took the quicker route via the tip which I avoid because there is usually glass all over the road,

A few minutes later I am at work..

All day I feel rough not wanting to ride home chest infection still not cured but I have no option.

But as always once on the bike I am off and the ride home even though I told myself it would be a bimble it is one of pushing and panting and speed.

You just don't get this in a car


P.S. and not a single DORIS all day

P.P.S  Lights on on both trips today summer has gone.

Lights on the GT

Thursday, 18 October 2012

It's fixed, It's broke

I have had my Whyte repaired at the LBS £15 and it is now working again, new spacer and rear pads apparently the pads were nearly worn out despite only having done about 1500 miles I am told they are designed to last 10 times longer than pads on road bikes but it depends where you ride, if you get grit and shit in them they don't and with me using the trail a lot I suppose I wear them quicker.

With my Whyte still at the LBS yesterday, I went to work on my GT. and .......................................


AAARRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH another bloody spoke broke . That is 3 spokes in 629 miles on this bike all on the rear wheel, Is there something wrong with the wheel or am I just being unlucky ?

I didnt even notice it yesterday and found it this morning after I had returned from the LBS picking up the Whyte. Looks like tomorrow I am going the LBS again.